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micro pipe




Nanshin Undertakes Secondary Fabrication

Do you consign secondary fabrication to other processing manufactures?
Are you doubling miscellaneous costs, such as freight, inspection, and management costs?
Do you want to shorten overall lead-time?


Nanshin undertakes pipe manufacturing and secondary fabrication all together!
What’s merit about it?

  • REDUCE QCD management cost!
  • REDUCE the risk of in-process failure
  • REDUCE total cost

Micropipe + NANSHIN Secondary Process

1. Reduce Total Cost

Micropipe Manufacturing + Assembly
Cut down total cost by completing whole production within single vendor.

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Reduce Total Cost

2. Cut Down Production Costs

Micropipe does not need post-treatment such as polishing and dimensional adjustment.

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Cut Down Production Costs

3. Increase Design Possibility

It’s easy to manage the pipe-wall thickness
We can control thickness from 0.005 to 3+ mm. This flexibility makes your challenging designs possible.

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Increase Design Possibility

4. Achieve Product Innovation

Micropipe can achieve high degree of aspect ratio*, which drilling or swaging could not.
*Aspect ratio of a pipe is the ratio of its inner diameter to its length.

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Achieve Product Innovation

5. Achieve Product Miniaturization

Micropipe is the best option for miniaturization of electronic components.

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Achieve Product Miniaturization