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micro pipe



What’s micropipe?

Nanshin Micropipe Technology

Nanshin Micropipe Technology

Micropipe is a surprisingly tiny and extremely precise metal pipe, which is manufactured by electroforming.

Electroforming process is operated by these three basic steps;

  • A mandrel is put into plating bath and coated with single or multiple materials.
  • The mandrel is released from the material once it has gained enough plating thickness.
  • The separated plating layer is cut into any desired length.

Micropipe can reach the level that machining or swaging pipes would not!

No-Burr Cutting Method

We cut fine Pipes, Bars, and Springs!

Feature 1: We fulfill your “No Burr” requirement!

Length tolerance could be as small as +/-0.02mm

Feature 2: We cut hard materials!

Please inquire us about detail

Feature 3: Minimum order quantity is as small as 1 lot, 1 piece!


Basic Specifications / Size Combination Table

Micropipe Basic Specifications

Material Ni Cu AuCo
Hardness Hv400~550 Hv220±20 Hv150±20
ID/OD Tolerance ±0.003mm
Length 0.5~15.0±0.02mm
Thickness 0.005mm~ 0.1~5.0μm
Surface Roughness ≦Ra0.1

Size Combination Table

The area colored in green is available. [unit: mm]
(i.e. IDφ0.05mm pipe is customizable its OD from φ0.06 to 1.0mm)アスペクト比